Having been in action since 2015, Tapas foundation is a compact organization dedicated to the goal of working for the betterment of society by amplifying the voices of those at the receiving end of any form of social injustice. 


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In a collaborative drive to ensure road safety, Tapas Foundation along with Confederation of Indian
Industry(CII), Young Indians & Yi Bhopal conducted a Road Safety Awareness Campaign in Bhopal,
Madhya Pradesh. We inaugurated the campaign by taking over the road through a Bike Rally where 40
riders came along in their gear and glory to spread the message of road safety. We collaborated with
Bhopal Riders Community for the rally.

With the support of IEHE NSS Bhopal, we performed 10 street plays on road safety in Bhopal city and
Adampur Chhawani. Street play has always been a great medium for us to connect with the public. As a
part of the campaign, we created awareness about sensible honking in and near 15 hospital premises in
Bhopal. We also hosted an awareness session for ISBT bus and highway truck drivers on various safety
measures that they should always follow.

Team Tapas also engaged with children during the campaign but on a more colourful note – through
drawing and quiz competitions. We covered 15 schools in the city and screened a short film – Chota Cop
for the students which is based on road safety. With Foster For Furrballs, an organisation working for
animal welfare, we ensured the safety of stray cattle who are often the victims of road accidents,
especially during the night. We did a radium strip drive to cover their horns with neon reflective bands
which will make them visible during the night and protect them from any unforeseen accidents.
It was a very fulfilling and effective campaign where we came together to ensure road safety. We want
to thank our collaborative partners – We Care, Young Indians Bhopal, Bhopal Riders Community, IEHE
NSS Bhopal, Foster For Furrballs and Mayank Kapoor for their generous contribution that made this
campaign a great success.

“Fulfill your responsibility. Support us in bringing positive change. “

Social reform is the responsibility of one and all. But those with greater power and impact have greater responsibility to fulfill their duty towards society.

Tapas foundation understands the need for businesses to be responsible and appreciates their efforts in this direction. We work with corporates to curate special CSR projects that achieve the maximum impact.

Join us for the best possible solution to your CSR needs.

  • Technical expertise based on on-ground experience of social issues throughout the country
  • Large scale awareness creation and engagement generation
  • Actionable insights based on thorough research of the issue
  • Best action plan strategy to bring the project to life, ensuring that all resources are put to the best use
  • Customized delivery process based on contractual agreement of objectives, resources and key performance indicators
  • Reaching out to those most in need who cannot help themselves
  • Benefitting all the stakeholders
  • Quantifiable impact with scalability potential
  • 80G certification provided for your taxation filings*

Tapas foundation is a trusted non-profit which brings the vision of the do-gooders to life reaching out to those most in need of help. We have concluded a number of successful CSR projects with our dedicated patrons, including the likes of Ramboll India and Coca Cola India among others.




We take so much from the environment, it only makes sense for us to give back in equal or increased measures.



Rural development is the basis of nation building. No country can call itself truly developed if its villages are lacking basic necessities and infrastructure.



While the invention of plastic was nothing short of a ‘Gift from the Gods’ for mankind, that very plastic has now..

*We work in conjunction with our sister organization and provide 80G certification through them..