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Corporate Social Responsibility

Social reform is the responsibility of one and all. But those with greater power and impact have greater responsibility to fulfill their duty towards society.

Tapas foundation understands the need for businesses to be responsible and appreciates their efforts in this direction. We work with corporates to curate special CSR projects that achieve the maximum impact.

Join us for the best possible solution to your CSR needs.

  • Technical expertise based on on-ground experience of social issues throughout the country
  • Large scale awareness creation and engagement generation
  • Actionable insights based on thorough research of the issue
  • Best action plan strategy to bring the project to life, ensuring that all resources are put to the best use
  • Customized delivery process based on contractual agreement of objectives, resources and key performance indicators
  • Reaching out to those most in need who cannot help themselves
  • Benefitting all the stakeholders
  • Quantifiable impact with scalability potential
  • 80G certification provided for your taxation filings*

Tapas foundation is a trusted non-profit which brings the vision of the do-gooders to life reaching out to those most in need of help. We have concluded a number of successful CSR projects with our dedicated patrons, including the likes of Ramboll India and Coca Cola India among others.

Our Successful CSR Projects

Our Trusted Partners

Tapas Foundation has a proven track record of bringing the visions of do-gooders to life, extending a helping hand to those most in need. We have successfully executed numerous CSR projects with dedicated patrons, including esteemed organizations like Ramboll India and Coca-Cola India, among others.

Join us in the journey towards a socially reformed India. Together, we can fulfill our collective responsibility and usher in positive change for all.