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Kaun Zimmedar

The ravaging effects of the Covid-19 pandemic were felt by all of us in India. We have all lost a known one, directly or indirectly. Social media was flooded with images of suffering, of loss, of desperation and chaos and people gathered themselves to take on the fatal battle with the pandemic and its consequences. 
Tapas Foundation has collaborated with the Hip-Hop crew MP04, and their member Rabbit the Villain, all hailing from Madhya Pradesh, to bring out this track ‘Kaun Zimmedar’. Through the song and the video we urge the people to acknowledge the wrongdoings that have taken place, to ask the right questions, and most of all to offer support to those who need it the most. The music for the song was given life by Ezik from Chandigarh, who has also mix-mastered it. 
This compelling video was shot and directed by Snehdip Biswas, and the edit was done by Psybaa. You can also find the album artwork on our Instagram @tapasfoundind by Nitya Bellani @itsajpeg.

Project Thirst

‘Either give us water, or poison us and be done with us.’ This is what a mother of 8 children, Kashi had to say about the extreme water crisis in her village in Maharashtra.

This is the shared feeling of all the locals of remote areas like Mhaismal, Gadwal, Dandichibari, Deola, Sirispada and Pangarne. These are people who have been struggling with water crisis for so long that they have grown old dealing with it.

Nobody wants to marry their children into this crisis. Yet, people like Kashi and thousands of others are stuck in the grueling daily routine of procuring water, going far and out, often being forced to dig it out from shallow, muddy pools. They have to routinely risk their lives for water by getting into the depths of fast depleting deep-wells. Nobody listens to their plight. Year in, year out, nothing changes. And life struggles with thirst. ‘Project Thirst’ was an attempt to capture this struggle and bring it to the world. It was an attempt to get their voices to reach those in a position to make a difference. If this is achieved even remotely, the initiative would be a success.