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How We Started

“Each small step towards personal reform is a big step towards social reform.”

Tapas foundation started as one man’s journey to follow his passion for performing and social reform back in 2015.

Vipul Singh set out to propagate messages of social reform into people through what he does best – talking and connecting with them. As a vagrant traveller and social activist, he started performing to anyone who would care to lend him his time, expecting a desire to reform and change; and whatever resources people could spare in exchange.

Over the span of the past five years, he has travelled and advocated all over the country, reaching out to people through his self-composed and performed solo street plays, which now amount to a total tally of 970+, having earned him records for the same.

His vision and mission grew from there to what it is now – a compact and fast-growing registered non-profit organization creating visible impact in the lives of people. Headed by Vipul Singh, and joined by a highly able and dedicated team, Tapas foundation has worked on issues like women empowerment, anti-trafficking, digital learning, menstruation, acid-attack survivor stories, education, environment, hunger and disaster relief, water crisis, among many others. Having worked in association with different NGOs, government bodies, corporates and even individual do-gooders, Tapas has since worked in 19 states and 6 union territories, with special focus on tier 2 and tier 3 cities.

Tapas foundation has engaged with and impacted over 15 lakh people on-ground and reached over 10 lakh people through social media, working through a two-pronged approach of awareness creation and advocacy to ensure maximum impact.

Our Timeline



The inception of Tapas Foundation, driven by the vision for social change.


World Record

Set a world record of 1000 solo street plays. Walk from Kolkata to Delhi to raise awareness about child trafficking



Moving deeper into understanding the challenges of communities and
starting our education initiatives



5 lakh people reached.
Adopted a village in Madhya Pradesh and provided regular access to water in barren areas


Official Registration

Formal registration of Tapas Foundation as an organization committed to social change.
2 lakh college students impacted



1000 institutional partnerships established
Exponential increase in campaigns with 12 campaigns in a year.



5 million digital footprint reached. Worked on a nationwide campaign to understand the plight of truck drivers and rejuvenated a lake in the middle of Gurugram



50,000 trees planted across India.