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“Any real social reform can only be achieved when people come together to do good by each other.”

The mainstay of Tapas Foundation and the work we aim to do to bring about social reform is hinges on the people who join hands with us in one way or another.

It is with the help of the do-gooders in society that organizations like ours are able to reach out to those in need and provide the help they need. These do-gooders take the form of our corporate and individual sponsors, our supporters, our dedicated team of members and volunteers, and the people who accommodate our social impact journey.

We are constantly welcoming do-gooders in our small organization, to work alongside us to bring about social reform.

— Become A Volunteer

Tapas Foundation stands strong on the dedication and hard work of its small team, driven by the goal of social impact.

This small but dynamic team is ever-growing and evolving. With our numerous campaigns taking place all over India, with special focus on remote areas, and with the potential to impact lakhs of people, we are constantly taking on board volunteers and interns who are passionate to work for social reform.

If helping people and putting in the work to reform the world is what moves you, apply for a volunteer or intern position with us.

— Become A Sponsor

Tapas Foundation was established with a vision to bring together the agents of change in society, to work towards the collective goal of social reform.

There are many less fortunate that us, who are in need of our help. While Tapas Foundation is a medium to get that help to them, you are the real source of these acts of altruism.

Every donation counts, no matter if it is big or small. Become a sponsor for any of our ongoing projects and help us bring about effective change.

You may also donate for a cause close to you, and we can curate a project specific to your wishes, making sure to put your donations to the best use, which shall be reflected in the progress of our beneficiaries.

— Become A Partner

Tapas Foundation has worked with a number of organizations and corporate sponsors in the past, with glorious results to show for it.

Bringing our expertise of the ground-reality and project management to the table, we curate and conduct the most effective campaigns on social issues, making sure to amplify the impact and reach out to as many people as possible.

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