Having been in action since 2015, Tapas foundation is a compact organization dedicated to the goal of working for the betterment of society by amplifying the voices of those at the receiving end of any form of social injustice. 


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E-346, Minal Residency, J.K. Road, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh. 462023



“Any real social reform can only be achieved when people come together to do good by each other.”

The mainstay of Tapas Foundation and the work we aim to do to bring about social reform is hinges on the people who join hands with us in one way or another.

It is with the help of the do-gooders in society that organizations like ours are able to reach out to those in need and provide the help they need. These do-gooders take the form of our corporate and individual sponsors, our supporters, our dedicated team of members and volunteers, and the people who accommodate our social impact journey.

We are constantly welcoming do-gooders in our small organization, to work alongside us to bring about social reform.