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TEDx Talks

“The farther the message of social reform reaches, the farther the effects will be felt.”

Through his dedicated social activism, Vipul Singh has amassed widespread recognition and respect. A man of action who has previously been mentally and physically disabled, Vipul Singh has not only earned records for highest number of solo-street plays but has also to be known as an impactful and prominent public speaker.

He has taken his message of social reform to the stages of TEDx Delhi, TEDx RGVP, TEDx NIT Raipur, BITS Pilani and others.


Vipul Singh, the founder of Tapas Foundation, gave a talk at TEDx Delhi about human farming, how he fought through his failures and roadblocks, and how he made a life out of his three passions – Theatre, Traveling and Writing.


Watch social activist Vipul Singh give his invaluable insights into exploring infinite capabilities through people and building team spirit. He recalls how his vision of impacting society through his street plays and pan-India campaigns has transformed his personality and perspective. 


Vipul Singh, the founder of Tapas Foundation, spoke at TEDx RGPV, about reformative laws and society – how people easily escape legal punishments due to reformative laws. He also reveals details of his time as a nomad performer, driven only by his passion for a simple life dedicated to social reform.


Vipul Singh spoke at TEDx NIT Raipur about how much importance our society gives to competitions and people who come first and completely ignore the efforts and struggles of others, and how to get over the things that hold one back from achieving one’s goal.


Vipul Singh became an integral part of a vast panel of dignitaries, presenting his message of social reform at the stage of the OFF BEAT session at BITS Pilani.


Vipul Singh presented his learnings and views on the concept of feminism and how he embraces it in his life and work, alongside Sahitya Kala Academy awardee Mridula Garg at Manasvini 2017, organized by the College of Vocational Studies, Delhi.


Vipul Singh gave a talk on the idea of walkathons and his street play journey.