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Save the Planet, Think Sustainable

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Sustainability is what can help a country to develop a better economy and a lifestyle for its people.
Keeping the current situation in mind Tapas Foundation set its best foot forward in strengthening the
idea of sustainable development in the cities of Jaipur and Zirakpur.

Under its campaign “Save the planet, think sustainable” which was a CSR initiative by OYO, Tapas
installed a total of 6 recycled plastic benches along with recycled plastic paver blocks in the two parks –
Hattori Park and Sardar Patel park of Jaipur, India.

In order to implement our vision of creating a greener environment, Tapas planted 50 saplings in both
the parks.

With an aim to contribute to the beauty of these parks, two glow-sign boards were also constructed
inside both the parks, respectively.

Coming to our next city Zirakpur, we installed 4 recycled plastic benches and paver blocks inside the two
parks of Zirakpur, India.

In order to contribute to add up to the beauty of these parks, we installed a glow sign board and planted
a total of 100 saplings.

Team Tapas will also ensure the maintenance of these parks for up to two years.

We recycled a total of 500 kgs of plastic in this campaign.

Through this campaign, Tapas aims to commit to the goal of maintaining these parks for the course of
two years.