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She Matters

Campaign Details

Ramboll India
Women’s health, hygiene and sanitation

Hygiene has been a rising personal awareness concern among users, particularly females who are  exposed to feminine hygiene risks like urinary tract infections within the washroom itself.  

Most women in the underprivileged sector of India do not have access to hygienic washrooms which is  why they resort to public toilets or prefer simply going to the open areas near their house. Due to this  situation there is often an inappropriate disposal of sanitary napkins and cloth which can be detrimental  to their health.  

We’re all aware of how the issues that revolve around intimate hygiene are often sidelined due to lack  of awareness and conversation on the same. To tackle this issue and help women in overcoming  challenges related to personal hygiene and health, Tapas Foundation conducted a campaign called “SHE  MATTERS” which is a CSR initiative conducted & curated by Tapas Foundation, sponsored and supported  by Ramboll India. 

Tapas foundation constructed 5 toilets in Suzuki Park Slum area, nearby JMD Unitech Garden society,  Sector -48 , Gurgaon, Haryana and 5 toilets in Islamia Slum Area, Shubhash Chowk, Sector-33, Gurgaon.  

These toilets will be accessible to more than 800 women living in areas of Gurgaon, Haryana. This  initiative will enable women to ensure maintenance of their proper hygiene and protection against UTI’s  for women.  

The proper disposal of sanitary pads is also an important task which somewhat has less awareness on it.  To help women with the disposal of the sanitary pads and to make sanitary pads easily accessible for  their use, two sanitary pad vending machines were installed inside the toilets. Along with the vending  machines we distributed a menstrual manual which will serve as a toolkit guide to the schools and  female students for free.  

The booklet contains imperative information that will enable young female adults to make better  choices for their reproductive health and future. The booklet also focuses on busting common myths  around menstruation and it’s ally topics. 

Through this campaign we aim to impact the lives of underprivileged women of the rural areas who  undergo through harsh consequences of not having any access to such basic necessities.