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Each One, Plant One (Gurugram)

Campaign Details

Hilti India
Environment and Sustainability

It is no secret that trees contribute to the environment over long periods of time by providing oxygen,  improving air quality, climate amelioration, conserving water, preserving soil, and supporting wildlife.  With so many benefits at its disposal plantation drives somewhat serve as an important factor to  combat many environmental issues like deforestation, erosion of soil, desertification in semi-arid areas,  global warming and hence enhancing the beauty and balance of the environment.  

Keeping the above mentioned benefits in mind Tapas Foundation recently decided to join hands with  team Hiltii India and India is us in order to plant 200 saplings at Rajkiya Varishth Madhyamik Vidyalay,  Islampur nearby Shani Mandir, Gurugram, Haryana.  

Firstly in order to impede the use of plastics, Three matkas along with Kulhads were arranged to serve  cold water to all the members on field.  

Carrying forward the motto #EachOnePlantOne , 150 employees from team hilti planted 200 saplings  with proper assistance and cooperation by members of Tapas Foundation and India is Us.  

Name tags of individual employees who planted the saplings were attached to the saplings in order to  differentiate them from the rest of the saplings respectively.  

After the planting of the saplings, all the employees were given seed pens, book marks along with  refreshment boxes individually.  

The dignitaries of team Hilti India were awarded with mementos for their outstanding contribution to  the plantation drive and were interviewed about their plantation experience for the same.  

Through this plantation drive, Tapas aimed to impact the lives of people living in areas of Gurgaon by  providing them a pollution free zone and enabling them to breathe better in a pollution free zone!