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Sustainable Lakes: Paving the Way for a Greener Tomorrow through Collective Innovation

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The “Sustainable Lakes Campaign” stands as a testament to the dedicated efforts of the Tapas Foundation in collaboration with esteemed partners, Ramboll India, and Delhi Jal Board. This journey has been marked by innovative solutions, knowledge exchange, and collaborative learning, establishing a foundation for ongoing partnerships in future environmentally conscious projects.

Promoting Transparency and Engagement:

In line with our commitment to transparency and engagement, a site visit to Pappankalan Lake in Dwarka was organized for Ramboll India employees. This strategic initiative allowed the Ramboll team to witness firsthand the critical Sewage Treatment Plant in Dwarka Lake – an integral component of our comprehensive environmental initiative.

Having witnessed the transformation during our visit, a collaborative effort was undertaken with the Ramboll team to install the Aerator cum Deckweed Removal system at Sannoth Lake in Bawana. As part of Ramboll India’s CSR initiative, this installation aims to convert contaminated water and sludge into valuable resources for revitalization. Additionally, it will supply essential oxygen to the lake, enhance its surroundings, and contribute to the overall revival of the ecosystem.

Championing Collaboration for a Sustainable India:

At Tapas Foundation, we champion the transformative power of collaboration and sustained efforts for a future-ready India. The success of the ‘Sustainable Lakes’ campaign underscores our unwavering commitment to making a significant impact and fostering positive change. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Delhi Jal Board, Ramboll India, and the Sewage Treatment Plant team for their invaluable contributions as we continue to build a future-ready India with sustainability at its core.

The “Sustainable Lakes Campaign” not only represents a successful environmental initiative but also serves as a model for collaborative efforts with a lasting impact. As we forge ahead, we eagerly anticipate exploring new avenues and expanding partnerships to further our mission of creating a sustainable and resilient future for India.