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People’s Movement – Delhi ka campaign

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Tapas foundation is a youth-driven organization which works towards the betterment of society. An issue that we are passionate about as influencers of social reform is the environment.

The environmental condition the world over has been worsening at an alarming pace. To check the growth of climate change and global warming and their adverse effects, the United Nations Development Programme has come up with the Sustainable Development Goal 13 focused specifically on combating climate change.

India is a signatory to this goal to limit warming to 1.5 C, by working to reduce net CO2 emissions by 45% between 2010 to 2030. This is greatly affecting the quality of life for all on earth.

In an effort to do their bit as a youth-led movement, the “People’s Movement” initiated a plantation drive with the goal of planting ‘10 lakh trees’ across Delhi NCR in July 2020.

Tapas foundation got the chance to join them in this effort and raise awareness and visibility for the initiative through our street plays, workshops, interviews and social media traction. We worked to mobilize people to be a part of this movement that was open to anyone looking to make a difference.

Working in collaboration with the “People’s Movement”, Tapas foundation reached out to and engaged with lacks of people both online and offline, turning them into active agents for change. People were extremely eager and willing to make a change and came in huge numbers to support an initiative aimed at bettering the environmental condition and the quality of life for everyone. They also became more aware and enlightened agents of change who are eager to advocate for policy changes for the benefit of the environment.

The plantation drive saw a tremendous turnout and the successful plantation of lakhs of trees.