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Missing PadYatra

Campaign Details

Save Missing Girls
West Bengal, Jharkhand, Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, New Delhi
Girl Child Trafficking

While child trafficking is a rampant crime across India, the conversation and the level of awareness around it is still limited.

Further complicated by the dearth of data on the occurrence of this crime, the issue does not get its due attention and thousands of children find themselves lost in the suffocating world of human trafficking.

In 2017, while still a vagabond solo-street play artist, Vipul Singh, the founder of Tapas Foundation joined ‘Missing’, a non-profit organization working on the cause of girl trafficking across the country.

The campaign, named “Missing PadYatra” covered major parts of the country, from Kolkata to Ranchi to Bihar to Uttar Pradesh, finally culminating in Delhi. Through the medium of the campaign, Vipul and team addressed schools all over the country to spread awareness and to start a dialogue on the issue among the rural communities.

The campaign covered over 40 schools in Uttar Pradesh where the lack of awareness was the most profound. A large scale awareness campaign, Vipul and team managed to reach and engage with over 2 lakh people on the sensitive yet pressing issue of child trafficking in India. Through the medium of street plays, murals, graphic illustrations and a specially designed interactive game by ‘Missing Link Trust’, the conversation was furthered to lakhs of people.

The “Missing PadYatra” was concluded with a walkathon in Delhi, attended by over 1200 people, comprising artists, motivational speakers, activists and many more furthering the dialogue on child trafficking in India.