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Campaign: Dekho Magar Pyaar Se

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Tapas Foundation in collaboration with LOTS (Lawyer on The Spot) came together to address the plight and challenges of truck drivers in the states of Madhya Pradesh, Gujrat and Uttar Pradesh. Powered by Lawyered and supported by AITWA, the campaign, #DekhoMagarPyaarSe, consists of in-depth interaction with the truck drivers in the focused states to uncover their problems, challenges and their needs on the road.

During this campaign, Team Tapas adopted the strategy to get up, close and personal with the men who ensure that the essentials they transport are delivered on time, come sun, rain or the pandemic. The campaign releases a series of interviews with 80 truck drivers and paints a grim picture of their exploitation.

While the campaign, #DekhoMagarPyaarSe has uncovered several layers of exploitation, it has also carried hope for all the truck drivers. The major objective of the campaign is to also raise awareness of the rights of drivers. By mobilizing them and building their capacity to use the legal services offered by Lawyers, they will be able to practice their rights.

From now on, truck drivers will be aware of what action to take in case they face any challenges on the road. Our intervention through this campaign is to build the resilience of the truck drivers and advocate for better working conditions.