Having been in action since 2015, Tapas foundation is a compact organization dedicated to the goal of working for the betterment of society by amplifying the voices of those at the receiving end of any form of social injustice. 


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E-346, Minal Residency, J.K. Road, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh. 462023


Tapas Foundation was established with a vision to bring together the agents of change in society, to work towards the collective goal of social reform.

There are many less fortunate that us, who are in need of our help. While Tapas Foundation is a medium to get that help to them, you are the real source of these acts of altruism.

Every donation counts, no matter if it is big or small. Become a sponsor for any of our ongoing projects and help us bring about effective change.

You may also donate for a cause close to you, and we can curate a project specific to your wishes, making sure to put your donations to the best use, which shall be reflected in the progress of our beneficiaries.

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